Bligom-Rhinestone SteeringWheel Cover - Alibibble

Bligom-Rhinestone SteeringWheel Cover

Drive like the rich without spending a fortune

If the car’s interior is getting a bit bland then why not style it with some bling? And what’s a better place to start blinging it up than the steering wheel!

Bligom looks pristine from all anlages, each diamond is finely placed to put out a luxurious feel to the whole interior. The memory foam prevents fatigue from being an issue as you drive.

Practical, beautiful and glamorous, Bligom fits right in with any other accessories lying around to upgrade the mood in the car and bring you a luxurious feel at an affordable price!

Why Bligom is for you

Drive in luxury- Coat the wheel with sparkling diamonds to upgrade the bland interior with a luxuries look full of flavor!

Affordable bling- You don’t have to burn a dent into your wallet just to see what glamor feels! Bligom’s diamonds shine just as bright as real ones!

Get a good grip- The foam below the diamonds remembers the layout of your hands to make a comfy grip, ensuring a smooth driving experience.

Bligom is the ultimate choice- One wheel cover can change the vibe from gloomy to glamorous in but a second! Bligom brings the bling you need!