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Multifunctional Triangle Mop

Lazy Combination Multifunctional Triangle Mop Mop Household Dusting Mop Window Car Cleaning Mop Glass Wiper Cleaning Tool


  1. 8 core technologies, wide applications: scratch synchronization, high-position wiping, triangular design, nanofiber cloth, 360° no dead ends, 1 second

cloth change, multiple functions, hanging storage.

  1. 2 kinds of mops for different scenes. Fiber cloth (wipe and smooth finishing)

Chenille cloth (clear without leaving dust).

  1. Splicing freely, 5 steel pipes can reach 267cm, high places can also being

wiped, double cleaning, scraping and cleaning, saving worry and effort.

  1. 360°rotation for cleaning without dead ends, sucks off stains,

absorbs dust, can both deal wirh dry and wet stains.

  1. 2 kinds of wipes have strong water absorption and easy to clean, except to

remove dirt, easy to clean and can be used repeatedly.

  1. Clean glass, air conditioners, roofs, gaps, cars, walls, ceiling lights, toilets, etc